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"Download-ables" & "Print-ables"

Instrument Care Sheets
- These are the Instrument Care Sheets that students received at their first lesson.  Every Band and Strings student and parent should read the appropriate sheet for their instrument.
       Flute Instrument Care Sheet
       Clarinet Instrument Care Sheet
       Saxophone Instrument Care Sheet
       Trumpet Instrument Care Sheet
       Trombone Instrument Care Sheet
       Baritone Instrument Care Sheet (also appropriate for                     Tuba)
       Violin/Viola Instrument Care Sheet (appropriate for all                     string instruments)

On-Line Resources & Exercises
  • The HCPSS Music Education Department web site has many resources available, including a fairly comprehensive list of private teachers in the area.
  • Howard County Parents for School Music (HCPSM) is a parent activist group organized to support the music program in Howard County Schools.  Any interested parents are encouraged to become active.
  • Ricci Adams' is a wonderful site for students who would like (or need) review of music theory.  Lessons range from "The Staff" through "Neopolitan Chords" (don't worry... you don't need that one).  To get to the note-reading exercise we do as a warm-up in class, click on the "Exercises" tab, then click on "Note Reading".  If you need a review of anything else, click on the "Lessons" tab and select the topic you would like to review.
  • Here is a selection of on-line tuners for string instruments.  Remember, unless you have been taught how to tune your string instrument, I HIGHLY discourage trying to do it yourself.  (Also, unless you can tune by matching pitch, these aren't going to be of any use to you.)
  • A metronome is a musical device to help keep a steady beat or tempo during practice.  We use one from time to time in class.  This online metronome is a great resource (although there are metronome apps as well).

  • The Music & Arts Center is a business partner of HCPSS and is one of the closest music vendors to Laurel Woods.  (There is one located in the Cherry Tree Center at the intersection of Rts. 29 and 216.)  It is a great store and, in addition to renting and selling instruments, they carry all the method books, accessories, and supplies you will need to participate in Band or Strings.  When you are going to rent an instrument, Music & Arts makes it so easy, you can simply walk in and tell them you're from Laurel Woods and they will get you everything you need!
  • Mike's Music is a local shop in Ellicott City.  They are a family-owned local business and they offer instrument rentals and lessons.
  • The Washington Music Center (aka - Chuck Levin's) is the local place every professional knows about.  Check's sells every type of instrument, from harmonica to tuba, as well as all the accessories and supplies to go with them.  Chuck's is in Wheaton.  Definitely a fun place for a musician to check out, even if you're not in the market.
  • Bill's Music is a music shop that carries whatever you might need.  Although Bills is not a chain, it is comparable to Music & Arts in what they carry.  Bill's is located in Catonsville.  They have a lot of a lot.
  • Gaile's Violin Shop is a string dealer and repair shop.  Although I have not used them myself, several other HCPSS music teachers use them regularly and recommend them highly for either getting a string instrument or getting your string instrument repaired.
  • Menchey Music (formerly Stu's Music) is located in Westminster and, like Music & Arts, Bill's, and Chuck's, can get you completely set up with everything you need to get started in the Band or Strings program.
  • Maryland Music Academy is located in Columbia.  I do not have personal experience with them, but have had students in the past rent instruments here.
Games & Fun Stuff
  • ScoreBig is an incredible resource fhat was sent to me by a Girl Scout Troop who is was flattered to learn used help them earn their "Musician" performance badge.  There are a lot of helpful resouces, tools, and games on this site that should appeal to all my musicians.
  • Music Tech Teacher is a fun site with a TON of quizzes and games to really test how well you know your stuff.  If you want a recommendation of a game, just ask me.  There's bound to be one on here that is just what you need.
  • Classics for Kids is another site with music games and activities for kids.
  • ArtsAlive is another site with music-realted activities.  Try to guess the composer and even write your own music.
  • The New York Philharmonic for Kids is the kids website for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.  As with the other sites here, they have many activities for kids.
  • The Music Maker is a kid friendly music writing site that is almost like s simplified, more child-friendly version of the music writing program I use.
  • A Musical Playground for Kids is a page of links sent to us by a friend (thanks Katie!) and has a lot of music theory resources to extend your learning beyond what we are able to get to in class.
Audacity is the free and easy-to use audio editing software I use to prepare music for the website.  Why would you want a music editing program?  With Audacity, you can import mp3 files and slow down the tempo without altering the pitch.  This would come in handy if you were downloading the accompaniment for one of your songs and wanted to play along with it, but wanted it to go a little slower.

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